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Walk away informed and inspired about leading a cleaner industrial future.

SIM Europe on 21-22 November offers delegates a deep-dive into the latest solutions for sustainable manufacturing, break-through technology, and the future direction of industrial processes.


SIM Europe conf themes


From commitment, to action

Join us for a comprehensive update on the solutions available for sustainable manufacturing, and the future direction of industrial processes.


  • Keynote: How is a world leading industrial producer rising to the challenge of decarbonisation?
  • How to ramp up green hydrogen production for industry's transition to net zero?
  • Low carbon supply chain with enhanced visibility for better resilience
  • Decarbonisation projects update
  • How do you succeed in scaling first of a kind, unproven technology?
  • How are industrial manufacturers securing the right capital to reach net zero?
  • How DPPs can help verify sustainability data on the road to the decarbonisation of supply chains
  • Why your sustainability journey starts with the CIO
  • Meet the tech disruptors
  • Industry 4.0 + 5.0: How the next phase of industrialisation will bring better efficiency and drive sustainable outgoings
  • Decarbonising supply chains
  • Where the rubber meets the road for low emission steel production
  • Exploring the potential of hydrogen for decarbonising heating processes
  • Sustainable transformation of production plants
  • Assessing the future use of renewable energies in industrial processes
  • The role of renewables in the roadmap to net zero
  • One way to start the industrial decarbonisation journey
  • Compressed air - the hidden goldmine of energy savings
  • Mapping industry's progress on CCUS
  • Driving demand for sustainable materials
  • How the manufacturing industry is tackling circularity to drive value

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