A trio of exhibition and conference zones

The cornerstone of every SIM event is a trio of exhibition and conference zones that together, deliver end-to-end sustainable manufacturing solutions.

Zone 1: Energy

The Energy Zone will introduce industrial manufacturers to renewable energy providers and resources for energy efficient production.

Companies invited to exhibit include those with solutions for:

Renewable energy
Energy management and reporting
Bioenergy technology
Energy storage
Waste heat recovery
Combined heat and power systems
LED lighting systems
Water reuse and recycling
Energy-saving technologies

Zone 2: Evolve

The Evolve Zone will host the latest technology and equipment to reduce manufacturing waste, improve efficiency, and reduce emissions.

Companies invited to exhibit include those with solutions for:

Environmental monitoring and performance
Factory automation technology
Efficient and eco-friendly production equipment
Low energy manufacturing solutions
Low or zero water manufacturing technology
Chemical management solutions
Manufacturing waste recovery
Carbon capture and storage
Industrial emissions measurement and control
Carbon reduction and offsetting services
Low carbon materials
Zero-emission delivery vehicles

Zone 3: Environment

The Environment Zone will focus on assisting manufacturers with their continued sustainability efforts, build a collaborative industry framework to follow and offer advice on how to future-proof business.

Companies invited to exhibit include those with solutions for:

Lightweighting (metals)
Circular manufacturing solutions
Manufacturing waste management
Production waste recycling technologies
Sorting technologies
Chemicals recycling
Life-cycle analysis
Compostability testing
Circularity assessment
Product tracking
Reverse logistics
Supply chain logistics
Accreditation services

For further information on booking a stand please contact:

José Sebastião, Commercial Director
Tel: +44 (0) 1737 855 013


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