OPTEL has a proven track record of over 30 years in providing end-to-end and highly granular traceability solutions that enable companies to unlock the potential of intelligent and agile supply chains.

Optchain™, OPTEL’s flagship traceability and decision-making solution, connects all stakeholders across the value chain to ensure complete, real-time visibility. It helps to boost supply chain performance and resilience, and resolve operational challenges related to supply and demand balancing. What’s more, it provides the tools businesses require to accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), their carbon footprints, and an array of other detailed data to achieve their ESG targets and comply with regulatory standards.

For decades, OPTEL has helped companies in a wide range of industries digitalize their supply chains, including the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, mining, agrochemicals, residual materials, and many more.

Founded in 1989, OPTEL is a Certified B Corporation headquartered in Canada, with facilities in Germany, Ireland, India and Brazil, as well as employees worldwide.

For more information, visit optelgroup.com and follow us on social media: LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter


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