Oscar Verheijen

Chairman, GlassTrend Board & Technology & Innovation Manager for Sustainable Glass Production at CelSian

In 1995, Oscar Verheijen started his career in the glass industry. Since then, he has worked on various topics including optimization of process and product quality and reducing energy and emission at glass production. Sustainability has always been of major interest to Oscar, leading him to become business development manager for technology development of sustainable energy like biofuels and photovoltaics.

In 2013, Oscar joined CelSian with a current position of Technology and Innovation Manager for sustainable glass production. CelSian is a technology provider for the global glass industry and its suppliers. Oscar’s activities focus on the feasibility of hydrogen combustion in glass furnaces, electrification of glass melting processes, implementation of low carbon emitting raw materials, and decarbonization road-mapping.

Since January 2021, Oscar has become chairman of the GlassTrend Board. GlassTrend is an international platform of 55 glass producing companies and their suppliers and supports the glass industry by knowledge sharing and pre-competitive R&D in the field of smart and sustainable glass production. In addition, Oscar represents the Dutch Glass Association (VNG) at EU level by participating in Glass Alliance Europe’s environmental committee.

As decarbonization is a global challenge that needs to be combatted by all emitting sectors, joining forces between various industries is of key importance to enhance our transition towards a sustainable future.


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