Matthew Moggridge

Editor, Steel Times International

Matthew Moggridge has been editor of Steel Times International since January 2014 having previously edited Aluminium International Today, both published by the UK-based Quartz Business Media. During his time on both titles he has travelled extensively around the world interviewing and writing about leading figures in the metals industry and covering international steel and aluminium conferences. Matthew has worked as a journalist in many different industrial sectors, he is also the driving force behind the development of the Future Steel Forum, an Industry 4.0-based event, and the Sustainable Steel Strategies Summit, an online sustainability conference.

Five minutes with...Matthew Moggridge

What would you say are the main focus areas for building a sustainable supply chain?

Steelmakers globally are today 100% focused on decarbonizing their steel manufacturing processes and are dedicating a lot of time and energy towards developing hydrogen-based steelmaking technologies that rely upon the use of direct reduced iron and electric arc furnaces, bringing to the fore the importance of the EAF, which is already dominant in the US steel industry.

What do you hope the SIM conference will provide steel manufacturers with and why is this important?

Steelmakers attending the SIM event will want to know about the technologies available to them to enable the decarbonisation of the process and will want to talk to those technology companies that can offer them solutions.

What kind of sustainable technology examples would you like to see presented to manufacturers during the conference and why?

As hydrogen steelmaking is most definitely the frontrunner in terms of viable methods of reducing carbon emissions from the steelmaking process, these are the people steelmakers will be most interested in; they will, however, be just as interested in hearing from production technology companies about machine-specific initiatives designed to make every aspect of the process as green as possible.

In your opinion, how important is it to build a collaborative approach across these hard-to-abate sectors when it comes to sustainable industrial manufacturing processes?

Collaboration among steelmakers and, indeed, other industries is important, but steelmakers will be most interested in networking with their peers (other steelmakers) when it comes to process sustainability.

Where in the supply chain do you think requires the most attention/is the most challenging when it comes to sustainable practices?

Where the supply chain is concerned, all areas need attention from road to rail to seaborne transportation and even in-plant operations.


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