Climate-change funding

Climate-change funding

UK Space Agency Extends Funding to Roll Out EnergyMetric across Small Island States

The Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA), a leading centre for weather and climate insight, based at Reading University in the UK, is delighted to announce the roll-out of its EnergyMetric energy modelling platform across seven small island states, thanks to further funding from its longstanding development partner, the UK Space Agency (UKSA).

EnergyMetric is a SaaS-based renewable generation modelling software developed to facilitate the global energy transition. It is available as a direct subscription – or with supporting analysis and consultancy – to enable energy professionals, investors and governments to accurately plan and assess the location, performance and bankability of mixed technology renewable energy developments.

EnergyMetric is the result of an intensive five year development initiative, Re-Sat, which deployed previous funding, awarded through the UKSA’s International Partnership Programme, to support the following developing countries with strategic energy transition planning: Mauritius, Montserrat, Palau, Saint Lucia, Seychelles, Tonga and Vanuatu.

The new UKSA funding will provide approximately 35 users across the seven countries with 12 months access to software and consultancy for renewable energy modelling and capacity building. Experts from the IEA will support local partners in using EnergyMetric to explore the potential performance of a wide range of renewable generation scenarios; from utility-scale solar, rooftop solar and onshore/offshore wind schemes, through to complex hybrid portfolios and national roadmaps.

Colin McKinnon, CEO, Institute for Environmental Analytics, said: “It’s a great testament to the IEA team, and our partners on the ground in vulnerable island states, that the UK Space Agency has extended its funding beyond our Re-Sat initiative to enable the continued roll-out of EnergyMetric. We are hugely proud that such a respected organisation has recognised the value of our accurate weather data, intuitive platform and actionable analysis for net zero energy planning in seven countries hit hardest by climate change.”

Ray Fielding (Head of the International Partnership Programmes) at the UK Space Agency, added: The UK Space Agency’s objectives include championing the power of space to inspire people, to offer greener, smarter solutions for business, and to support a sustainable future. Our sustained investment in the IEA and its EnergyMetric platform fulfil all those criteria; helping a UK-based research team harness satellite-sourced data to commercialise a powerful tool for renewables planning. We look forward not only to future partnerships with the EnergyMetric team and their users, but also to the resulting environmental benefits in some of the world’s most climate-sensitive areas.”

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