Hydrogen demand to grow by 2050

Hydrogen demand to grow by 2050

The 26th April saw the release of McKinsey’s new report, Global Energy Perspective 2022, and the key takeaway that hydrogen demand is expected to grow by four or six times by 2050.

It is expected that the main driving forces behind this are from road transportation, maritime and the aviation sectors.

The report states that the supply of hydrogen, which is currently primarily made up of grey hydrogen, will shift to 60% clean hydrogen by 2035. This clearly showcases the effort being made across the industry to generate the cleanest variants of the clean energy carrier.

It also shows how successful grey hydrogen could be in creating an initial market for hydrogen.

Perhaps the biggest headline from the report is that peak oil may be just three years away, McKinsey finds. Yet it also questions, is that transition moving quick enough?

Find out five of the key insights from the report's executive summary here


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