Mitsubishi Power: Plans for new hydrogen centre

Mitsubishi Power: Plans for new hydrogen centre

Mitsubishi Power, a power solutions brand of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has announced plans to establish a Takasago Hydrogen Park, the world’s first centre for validation of hydrogen-related technologies, from hydrogen production to power generation.

The centre will be co-located at the gas turbine development and manufacturing facility of MHI’s Takasago Machinery Works in Hyogo Prefecture, to support the commercialization of hydrogen gas turbines using hydrogen as fuel.

Takasago Hydrogen Park will be located next to the T-Point 2 combined cycle power plant validation facility, with Mitsubishi Power already beginning to test and demonstrate operations of technologies including hydrogen production and storage and hydrogen fuelling of gas turbines, aiming to commence operations in 2023.

The hydrogen production facility utilizes a water electrolysis system, and Mitsubishi Power plans to conduct successive testing and verification of other next-generation hydrogen production technologies such as turquoise-hydrogen production by pyrolysis of methane into hydrogen and solid carbon.

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