SIM Europe - Lightening the impact of heavy industry

SIM Europe - Lightening the impact of heavy industry

The first ever Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) Europe opened its doors to more than 500 delegates on 28th - 29th June.

Delegates consisted of manufacturers from across a number of hard-to-abate sectors, including glass, aluminium, steel, cement and chemicals.

The Keynote session on the morning of 28th June saw industry representatives from Mission Possible Partnership, Forum for the Future, Volvo Group and the Energy Transitions Commission present on "The global choreography and unprecedented level of philanthropic-public-private collaboration needed to decarbonise the planet on time."

Lord Adair Turner, Chair, Energy Transitions Commission joined live, via Zoom and highlighted that decarbonisation across these sectors is clearly achievable with the technologies already in place. He said: "We have and know the technologies in order to decarbonise, but we are going to have to build a bigger electricity system to produce the hydrogen used by hard-to-abate sectors."

More than 90 other speakers joined across the two days to discuss topics and challenges such as, 'What will it take to close the recycling loop,' The creation of a European hydrogen economy,' and 'Cutting industrial heat emissions for clean growth'.

The cornerstone of every SIM event is a trio of exhibition zones that together, deliver end-to-end sustainable manufacturing opportunities. Zones include solutions for providing cleaner ENERGY, new technologies to enable plants to EVOLVE, and a collaborative approach to protecting the ENVIRONMENT and the future of industrial manufacturing businesses.

A varied selection of exhibiting companies hosted booths, offered catering and networking experiences and demonstrated new technologies and sustainable solutions to delegates. Exhibiting included AVEVA, Altenex Energy, Carbonauten, Circularise, Eon, Norsk Hydro, Genesis, IBM, Kanthal, Mechatherm and many more.

Shell Energy invited delegates to attend a drinks and networking reception at the end of the first day of conference sessions, to continue the discussions of the day over a nice, cold Belgian beer.

The second day, 29th June, was opened by His Excellency, Ambassador of the United States to Belgium, Mr Michael Adler. With SIM USA planned for early December, The Ambassador told delegates that "sustainability is a top priority in the Biden-Harris administration."

He continued, "I am pleased to see that a Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 8-9, 2022. This will be another great opportunity for companies to collaborate on ways to further their sustainability efforts and help the world tackle the challenges posed by climate change.

"I fully and enthusiastically support these efforts to make our world cleaner, safer, and more sustainable so that future generations can continue to thrive. Thank you all, and I wish you luck in your vital endeavours."

The call for papers is now open for anyone wishing to take part in SIM USA, which will be held in Cleveland on 1st - 2nd December 2022. You can find out more about this event and keep up-to-date with all announcements surrounding the next SIM Europe in April, 2023.


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