Stoelzle joins zero CO2 glass research project

Stoelzle joins zero CO2 glass research project

Glass container manufacturer Stoelzle has joined the ZeroCO2Glas project.

The overall goal of the ZeroCO2Glas project is to use an all-encompassing approach to develop a revolutionary glass melting process in connection with a new type of CO2-neutral and energy saving glass melting furnace.

The project is funded by the German Ministry for Economy and Climate, BMWK, with a maximum of €8.38 million with a total project volume of approx. €14.94 million.

The consortium partners are German research association International Partners in Glass Research, RWTH Aachen University - Chair of Glass and Glass-Ceramic (Institute of Mineral Engineering - (GHI), WWTH Aachen University- Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering (IOB), Horn Glass Industries and Wiegand-Glas.

The funding announcement refers to increasing energy efficiency, expanding renewable energies and reducing greenhouse gases significantly.

In this respect, the ZeroCO2Glas project makes a significant contribution as it relates to an energy-intensive glass industry, where up to 85% of the energy required in the manufacturing process is used for the melting.

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