Circular economy initiatives in the Glass Industry

Wednesday 22nd November 14:40 - 14:52

General Session


Chris Holcroft

Principal Technologist

Glass Technology Services

Chris is a leading member of the projects team and has worked in glass R&D since 2005. Prior to that, he developed products for the food industry. Chris co-ordinates a team of eight researchers at Glass Technology services and participates in a wide variety of projects ranging from desk-based research through to practical laboratory, pilot scale development, site trials and testing. He also regularly undertakes non-standard testing and consultancy work.

His background is in marine biology and environmental science but has wide-ranging interests from recycling and environmental improvement to novel uses of glass in biomedical applications, energy generation and photonics. Recent initiatives have included waste and energy minimisation projects for European Glass Manufacturers, the Horizon 2020 FISSAC Construction industry Industrial symbiosis project, and developing a manufacturing facility for novel biomedical and photonic glasses.

Chris’ background in environmental science has led to a focus on projects that reduce the environmental impact of the glass supply chain either through efficiency improvements in the glass manufacturing process, increased use of recycled materials, and the development of products with lower environmental impacts. Chris has worked as technical lead on container recycling projects in the UK and Russian Federation, and circular economy projects in the construction and architectural glass supply chain across Europe. He has also carried out studies into the technological and economic potential for low grade post consumer glass. He has delivered training courses on glass recycling and environmental improvement in the UK and internationally.


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