Gesa Schneider

Senior Territory Manager Central Europe


As an experienced executive in the tech industry, Gesa Schneider is driven by entrepreneurship and has a determined mindset with a passion for 3D printing, the CircularEconomy, and sustainable manufacturing.

Since March 2023 she is responsible for the Central Europe Sales Team at Markforged, a producer of industrial composites and metal 3D printers, and is based in Berlin, Germany. Throughout her career, she has executed various ideas in both 3D printing startups and corporations, gaining hands-on experience in all levels of the entrepreneurship sphere.

As the founder and former CEO of Circuteria, a digital platform for sustainable materials solutions, she is a leading thinker on the transformative role of emerging technologies, circular practices, and innovative business models in combating climate change. She has broad international experience in the 3D printing industry and sustainable materials, and has won various competitions and hackathons in Berlin's startup scene.

In addition to speaking at conferences, she maintains a blog ( about the ecological benefits of 3D printing, circularity, and innovative business models. Her vision is to unlock the full potential of the Circular Economy and to make product manufacturing more sustainable.

Gesa Schneider will be speaking at the following sessions.

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