Hallam Wheatley

Collaboration Lead

Glass Futures

Having worked in the Chemical Industry for the 12 years, prior to joining Glass Futures in December 2022, I was fortunate enough to work across several disciplines.

Starting life in manufacturing, before moving into R&D, where I worked on sustainable projects, such as plastic recycling, and the hydrogen economy, I moved into a marketing role in 2020. My last role, before joining Glass Futures was helping to join the dots between academia and my employer, when it came to R&D, and how to make those relationships as effective as possible.

Within Glass Futures, I sit across both the projects and the membership team, enabling key cross-member collaboration, to ensure that the research we are doing at Glass Futures can provide value for both our stakeholders and the wider industry.

Currently based in Teesside, in the UK, I spent the previous three years living and working in Maastricht, so I know the area very well!

Hallam Wheatley will be speaking at the following sessions.

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