Neil Simpson

Managing Director

Simpson Combustion & Energy

Neil Simpson Graduated from Napier in Edinburgh with a Bachelors in

Energy Engineering and joined Laidlaw Drew in the Development

Department. The first ever “Simpson Burner” was developed to burn a Low

Calorific Value gas from a wood sourced biomass so 30 years ahead of its

time. It was an interesting time in combustion with the first oxy fuel glass

furnaces being developed. Working closely with BOC helped develop a

portfolio of conical and flat flame oxy oil and gas burners. When

approached to join a competing burner manufacturer BOC invited Neil to

join their Toledo based Glass Team which was developing the CGM crown

fired combustion. When Eclipse Combustion acquired the assets of Laidlaw

Drew their due diligence revealed the products Neil had developed. Neil

joined Eclipse in 2006 as Glass Industry Manager for Europe and worked

out of his home office in the Scottish Borders. Neil briefly rejoined BOC to

Head UK Glass, Steel, Cement and Combustion related applications. In

2014 Neil resigned from BOC to form Simpson Combustion and Energy

Ltd a Consulting company supporting UK and Global Glass manufacturers

and suppliers. In 2015 Neil became one of the CelSian registered trainers

and organised UK based courses. In 2016 Neil started supporting AMETEK

Land in promoting the use of in furnace thermal imaging. With over 20

published patent applications, Neil is a Chartered Member of the Energy

Institute, Member of the Institute of Refractory Engineers, Fellow of the

Society of Glass Technology having Chaired MTC which organises

Furnace Solutions and former Chair of Board of Fellows

Neil Simpson will be speaking at the following sessions.

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