Pascal van Putten



Pascal van Putten, CEO and founder of VPInstruments studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology and performed his masters’ research project at North Carolina State University. Pascal founded VPInstruments in 1999. VPInstruments offers industrial clients Energy Management solutions for compressed air, technical gases as well as other utilities. VPInstruments produces flow meters for both supply side (wet air) and demand side (typically dry air) down to the point of use and pioneered 3-in-1 sensor technology: All flow meters measure also pressure and temperature. Connected to VPVision monitoring software, they can provide easy insight into the energy consumption and efficiency of a compressed air system. Pascal has almost 25 years of experience in flow measurement, compressed air monitoring and industrial energy management. Pascal lives in Delft together with his wife Marjolijn and three daughters Janneke (who is now studying at Limestone University in SC), Annemarie and Willemijn.

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