Stefan Grüll

CEO and Co-Founder

S1Seven GmbH

Digital entrepreneur with many years of leadership experience in the steel and metal industry.

After almost two decades in various positions at one of the leading steel and metal distribution companies in Germany and abroad, I am now working at the intersection of digitalization and industry to drive innovative solutions. S1Seven GmbH was founded in 2019 and is a software platform provider, focusing on data trustworthy solutions enabling Digital Quality Certificates.

S1Seven GmbH provides a decentralized software platform for Digital Quality Certificates-as-a-service for steel, metal, and plastics. This is how companies in aerospace, automotive,rail tech, construction, and otherindustries, share machine-readable data instead of paper-based documents to use for smart manufacturing, to account for sustainability attributes, orto automate the verification of a material and process provenance. Ourtechnology is scalable, secure, and certified.

Our clients are in all stages of the supply chain – from the raw material producers to the processor and up to OEMs and notified bodies. I also act as a member of the board of the Austrian Steel Construction Association, as well as an advisor to the board of König Holding AG, Alukönigstahl Group.

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