Maastricht is a city in the Netherlands, it’s a thriving cultural and regional hub, which has recently become a very popular place for tourism. Here are 10 things you can do whilst spending your time in Maastricht...

I highly recommend Bonnefanten museum, which is very distinctive displaying an impressive collection of art or check out the Masstricht caves, dark and mysterious and a unique piece of Maastricht’s history, which offer an interesting underground experience. Other options include walking around Vrijth of square or exploring the Basilica of Saint Servatius a stunning roman catholic church, where you can explore the religion and sacred objects located around the church.

A great activity for staying fit is by renting a bike and cycling along the river mass where you will be companied with beautiful views and whilst your already there you may want to take a lovely boat tour of the city on the river Mass, where you’ll have a chance to explore parts of Masstritch whilst being able to relax.

Don’t forget to try some local cuisine, like vlaai, a traditional tasty pie! available in lots of different varieties and fruit fillings.

Here are a few other good places to visit, the Helpoort, the oldest city gate in the Netherlands, a historical masterpiece!

Discover the history of Maasticht at the museum ann het Vrijhof. Or see the unique architecture of the Mosae Forum, a very cool, modern shopping centre made from unique material, also a shopaholics heaven!


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