Hosting leaders from the worlds of industry, innovation, science, government and investment, Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) in Belgium will provide an opportunity for those at the frontier of cleaner industrial manufacturing to present sustainable solutions to 3,000 business leaders from across five hard-to-abate sectors.

How the exhibition looks

The cornerstone of every SIM event is a trio of exhibition zones that together, deliver end-to-end sustainable manufacturing solutions.

Zone 1 is ENERGY: This Zone will introduce industrial manufacturers to renewable energy providers and resources for energy efficient production.

Zone 2 is EVOLVE: This Zone will feature technologies to improve plant efficiency including solutions to reduce waste, improve productivity, and reduce emissions.

Zone 3 is ENVIRONMENT: This Zone will offer solutions to assist manufacturers with their continued sustainability efforts and how to future-proof business.

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Who will you meet at SIM?

No other manufacturing event in the world is bringing together senior executives from along the supply chain, across these hard-to-abate sectors.

SIM is a unique opportunity to spend two days with those driving sustainability and investing in energy management, technology as well as sustainability applications right across the industry.

  • CEOs, COOs, CTOs
  • Plant Managers
  • Heads of Sustainability
  • Energy Engineers
  • Purchasing Directors
  • Zero-Waste Programme Managers
  • Environmental Officers
  • Sustainability Advisors
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Heads of Innovation
  • Venture Capitalists and Investors
  • A variety of end-users from the automotive, aerospace, packaging, construction and agribusiness industries

Companies regularly attending our events include:

1. Put your products and services in front of 3,000 high-level decision makers driving sustainability and investing in decarbonisation solutions.

2. Meet decision makers from along the supply chain, and from across five hard-to-abate sectors all under one roof.

3. Firmly cement your position as a company playing their part in a green transition for a cleaner industrial future.

4. Invest your marketing budget in an event where the team has over 90 years of experience in delivering similar events in the steel, glass and aluminium industries. Find out more about Quartz Business Media.

5. Headquarters of the EU and NATO, Belgium plays a decisive international role. A major political, commercial and travel hub, Brussels is home to many multinationals and a flourishing marketplace.

6. Brussels Expo is a COVID-safe venue, with halls fully equipped with ambient air disinfection and purification systems.

7. Build a SIM package to suit your sales and marketing goals with exhibition packages and upgrade options.

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