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Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific

Brisbane, Australia, February 14-16, 2024

“Not only will it be a window into the future, but it will also have a critical focus on what is ready for deployment today,” says Geoff Matthews, SIM-PAC Event Director and Partner.

SIM-PAC brings together in one location the four of the key components that will deliver a sustainable future for industrial manufacturing: technology, machinery, environmental design, and process engineering.

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SIM-PAC is hosted each alternate year in Brisbane, Australia and every other year in a city in the Asia Pacific region.

Tony Crinion, Managing Director of Quartz Business Media, which owns the SIM Event Series, says SIM-PAC will differs from the other SIM events.

Geoff Matthews says SIM-PAC will also offer media and documentary makers the opportunity to easily identify and cherry-pick sustainable technology stories from around the globe to suit their respective target audiences.

“Overall, we believe a successful SIM-PAC will help speed up the transition to sustainable industrial manufacturing, by connecting the people ready to do something, with the something.” - Geoff Matthews, SIM-PAC Event Director and Partner


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