Anna-Louise Howard

Founder and CEO

Farm to Hanger

Anna-Louise, an established Entrepreneur and creative, is the driving force behind Farm To Hanger, the only 100% traceable fashion brand in Australia. With a remarkable career as an environmental landscape photographer spanning over 25 years, Anna-Louise witnessed the devastating ecological impact caused by various industries and made the bold decision to transition into fashion to make a positive impact. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Anna-Louise is renowned for her impeccable manufacturing skills and unwavering commitment to the environment.Before founding Farm To Hanger, she ran the successful "All Myn" brand, where her passion for sustainable, traceable Australian clothing first took root.Under Anna-Louise's visionary leadership,Farm To Hanger has emerged as a trail blazer in the fashion industry, showcasing a net-zero carbon emission and non-polluting business model. The brand sets the standard for environmentally and ethically produced Australian garments, known for its absolute transparency, traceability, and dedication to sustainability.Anna-Louise's visionary approach is redefining the notion of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and circular business ownership. To demonstrate her unwavering commitment, she has established Australia's very first 100% sustainable off-grid apparel factory, aiming to inspire other businesses to adopt similar practices.

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