Athena Savvas

Sustainability and Projects Manager

M.J. Bale

Athena is a self-professed do-gooder, dedicated to helping shape a sustainable future for all. Athena is the Sustainability and Projects Manager at leading Australian menswear brand, M.J. Bale. In 2021 M.J. Bale became certified by Climate Active as Australia's first carbon neutral fashion brand certified for both products and organisation.

At M.J. Bale Athena is responsible for leading the charge on Sustainability, embedding M.J. Bale's Sustainability Strategy through transforming policies and practices by working collaboratively with the entire business. Prior to her work at M.J. Bale, Athena spent over 6 years working in Cambodia on humanitarian aid through volunteer explorations and direct grassroots work with the local community in remote villages whilst also empowering young Australians passionate to give-back to volunteer and provide additional support to these neighbouring communities. 

Athena has extensive experience in philanthropy and is committed to showing businesses the benefits of doing right by people and the planet.

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