Edward Foord

Managing Director


Edward Foord is a sustainability expert skilled in Advanced Digital Solutions Systems, Capex solutions, organizational development,change, Lean and risk management. He possesses certifications in Computing for Science, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and has earned accolades for environmental innovation.LeadingYou3,born in 2015 which is an Innovator in sustainability solutions providing high value,regenerative focused solutions focused on manufacturing for a Better Humanity.He advocates for substantial enhancements in business sustainability, incorporating Kaizen methodologies for continuous improvement. His work amalgamates global best practices with cutting-edge technology, advocating for sustainable, regenerative, and economically viable closed-loop systems. He's advised a range of clients, both locally and internationally.You3'sprojects in sustainability extend to Robotics, Vision systems, and Augmented Reality,leveraging AI for notable outcomes. Notably, through Advance QLD funding, his project You3developed an AI prototype aimed at aiding Veterans' transition to sustainability roles, showcased at QODE 2020.Adding core value to the assessment, method and finalisation of the QLD Tourism industries' Carbon footprint via the creation of 2030 / 2050 modelling tools, decarbonisation pathways and workshop preparation and delivery. Working with Manufacturing clients to assess their impact, create custom tools, realise maximum co-benefits and also use advanced LCA tools to optimise design is a fulfilling journey.Family man, who loves friends, family, basketball, nature adventures and ultra marathons is seeking to help the world make better decisions together.

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