Gorana Suala

Chair, Non-Executive Director, Advisor

Trolley Data Management Network GCI Group

Gorana Saula is a seasoned Chair and Non-Executive Director with over 25 years of diverseglobal experience in sectors including defence, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Aformer CEO, she excels in fostering innovation and business growth.Throughout her multifaceted career, Gorana has held directorial, advisory, and executiveroles in various businesses, ranging from startups to multinational corporations. She hasmade significant contributions to R&D, commercialisation, and the manufacturing of high-tech products, and has expanded global manufacturing capabilities.Leveraging her engineering background, she proficiently handles the complexities of newtechnologies and resolves complex tech-focused challenges. She also serves on variouscompany boards, using her in-depth knowledge of business strategy, financial and riskmanagement to drive organisational success.Holding an Executive MBA, a Master's in Electronic Engineering, and being an AICDCompany Directors Course graduate, Gorana combines an analytical mindset with high-techengineering expertise and international savvy, contributing a unique global perspective tothe businesses she works with.

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