Harley Frankfurt


Major Projex

As the Executive Director of Major Projex, Harley Frankfurt stands at the forefront of leadership, providing strategic guidance on emerging energy solutions to the public and private sectors in Australia, APAC, and the ME regions. His portfolio spans a career in Oil and Gas and now encompasses pioneering initiatives in Renewable Energy, Green Hydrogen, and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Major Projex offers humble guidance in navigating the dynamic landscape of a transitioning energy sector, covering planning, development, design, and project delivery, with a relentless focus on the supply chain and finance.In 2010, he assumed the responsibility of developing the Renewable Energy business unit for Siemens Energy in Australia and New Zealand. His strategic vision and leadership have been instrumental in driving Siemens Energy's success in advancing sustainable energy solutions and staying at the forefront of industry trends, including the development of Green Hydrogen Electrolysers and offshore wind turbines.During his career in the conventional Oil and Gas Industry, Harley Frankfurt served as an Executive Director for a National Pipeline Project valued over $2B USD for Siemens Energy, contributing to the company's impact and market presence in the global marketplace. He now holds a US patent in pipeline control systems as part of his work.Harley Frankfurt has played an important role in scaling pipelines and handling hydrogen from the process of steam reformation for StatOil. He now utilizes much of this experience in developing a burgeoning Green Hydrogen Industrial supply alternative. His expertise in these areas underscores his commitment to exploring environmentally responsible and technologically advanced solutions within the energy sector.Notably, Harley Frankfurt has been at the forefront of growing Renewable Energy capacity globally, a much-needed precursor to enabling green hydrogen production at scale. He is committed to environmentally friendly and forward-looking energy solutions.

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