Keith Mason

Managing Director

EnviroLyte Asia Pacific

My interest in WATER and it’s role,including chemistry and it’s changes in connection with reactive substances began in 1970-1980,started in NZ Fire Service studies relating to physiology and chemistry of fire and reaction to applied water in a myriad of environments. Secondly I studied the evolution,form and benefits of respiration to all biological forms across a range of fields one would encounter.This was leading to Qualification as Associate to Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE. An Internationally recognized professional body.From 1980-2000Was employed in a sales and engineering role, for several International Companies undertaking‘sealing of rotating equipment across a very broad range of industries,including Chemical, Petro-Chemical , Food Production,extractive industries in mining and Defence, plus many more. Each custom model was recommended To contain VOC’s and a plethora of toxic,flammable and sometimes explosive atmospheres, During this time I formed Hydro-Flo Queensland Pty. Ltd.Our parent Company to continue this plus other’s as described, including Pulp and Paper, Agricultural irrigation waste stream treatment Dairy processing inc. CIP, Water and waste treatment plant and equipment, recycling and upgrading and training to improve performance,durability and efficiency, all in our own right under my direction. We successfully completed some notorious projects during this time, where others dare not venture . During this time I personally conducted training seminars for the likes of Caltex and BPrefineries, Incitec and Orica Chemical site at Gladstone from green field to full production of various production units. The training for engineering and maintenance staff was entitled ‘Increasing the meantime between failure in rotating Equipment “.In the year 2000 aquired first two machines for on-site Sanitising , Disinfection and water purification, capable of treating from Waste water to medical and environmental decontamination solutions. Consolidated Envirolyte Asia Pacific as an entity with technology registered approved and validated by Peak regulators and with a full range of Industry accreditation, Including applying as an Organic input onto food/produce , Organic acceptance Internationally for export.This is all achieved using your site water source/s be it municipal, dam/pond,river, bore or Rainwater.To Potable,WHO and National standard water Quality with additional benefits.Our ultimate aim already achieved on many site sis to drastically reduce OR eliminate chemical and pharmaceutical inputs in your business . The benefits of this,do not need elucidating. Seems“too good to be true “Maybe we can expose cases were this is already achieved locally.

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