Kirsten Junor


Reverse Garbage

Reverse Garbage was established in 1975 by a group of teachers and community workers determined to ease pressure on the environment. Their plan was to divert industrial discards from landfill and reuse those materials in their classrooms. More than four decades since it began, Reverse Garbage is now an internationally recognised environmental co-operative committed to promoting sustainability through the reuse of waste materials. CEO Kirsten Junor has been with the organisation since May 2015, when she joined as Creative Director, and is passionate about sharing her creative skills to inspire anew generation of reuse champions and waste innovators. One of Australia's leading advocates for reuse and the circular economy, Kirsten lives and breathes waste diversion. Kirsten is now steering Reverse Garbage as a global leader of reuse. A key member of Charitable Recycling Australia, Kirsten has worked alongside policymakers on co-design recommendations for integrating reuse and the development of Circular Economy targets for Government.

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