Mark Nesci

Senior Business Manager


Mark Nesci stands as a distinguished professional with a career spanning over four decades, marked by a deep-seated expertise in engineering and a strategic foray into business development within the energy and resource sectors.His journey, starting in the 1980s, encapsulates a progressive evolution from hands-on technical roles to high-level strategic positions, with a significant focus on renewable energy and innovative solutions. Mark Nesci's career began in the 1980s, a period where he honed his skills in engineering and project management. This era was crucial in building his technical expertise and understanding of the industry dynamics. During these initial years, Mark worked in various engineering roles, which involved hands-on design, implementation, and management of engineering projects. These roles were instrumental in shaping his analytical and problem-solving abilities.Progressing into the 1990s, Mark's career trajectory saw him taking on increasingly complex projects and responsibilities. He developed a robust understanding of different engineering disciplines and began to explore intersections between technology, engineering, and business. This period marked a significant expansion of his skill set, including project leadership, technical consultation, and an early inclination towards business development strategies.By the early2000’s Mark had consolidated his skills in senior project development roles and in theMid2000’s,made a strategic shift towards the Energy in the Resource& Industrial sectors, with Siemens AG. This transition was characterized by a move from general engineering into more specialized areas, particularly focusing on energy solutions.His roles during this period saw a blend of technical engineering and business development, underscoring his versatility and forward-thinking approach.During the 2010-2017 phase, Mark's experience in international companies like Hyder Consulting and CH2MHILLwas pivotal. He played key roles in business development and sales, focusing on energy and industrial solutions. This phase solidified his reputation as a skilled business developer and a thought leader in energy solutions .His work increasingly involved developing innovative energy solutions, setting the stage for his later specialization in renewable energy and emerging energy technologies.In the evolving energy landscape and Mark's growing interest in renewable energy and sustainable practices, led to the latter part of his career,with a focus shifted towards innovative energy solutions, particularly in renewable energy and emerging technologies. His roles at Siemens Australia and Energys Australia involved strategic project development, specifically in Hybrid Renewable power and Industrial Hydrogen Solutions.Currently, as a Senior Business Development at HDF Energy Australia, Mark is instrumental in developing Hydrogen-to-Power infrastructure.Parallel to his professional career, Mark has been committed to continuous learning, beginning with Civil Engineering qualifications, Mark has acquired an MBA, a Masters in Electrical Systems,a Certificate in Hydrogen Energy and numerous other certifications.He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Engineering,underscoring his dedication to academic excellence and industry relevance.Mark Nesci's career is a testament to his adaptability, strategic vision, leadership and commitment to innovation in the ever-evolving world of engineering and energy. From his early career in general engineering to his current focus on renewable energy and sustainable solutions,his journey reflects a seamless transition from technical engineering roles to strategic business development and a passion for renewable energy solutions. His extensive experience, coupled with his dynamic skill set, positions him as a key influencer and thought leader in the realm of sustainable energy solutions

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