Marrin-Boyd Andrews

Global AI Talent Sourcing Manager


As a Global Talent Sourcing Manager with a focus on AI-driven recruitment strategies and prompt engineering, MBA stands at the forefront of utilising AI technologies for transformative global sourcing. MBA's proficiency in AI and Machine Learning (ML)extends beyond traditional methods, enabling advanced candidate screening and resume parsing with remarkable precision, which is crucial for effective global talent acquisition. This expertise is deepened by MBA's skilful application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for nuanced data interpretation across diverse languages and cultural contexts, a key element in global sourcing. Furthermore, MBA's approach integrates AI not just in candidate selection but also in mapping global talent pools, identifying sustainable sourcing strategies, and understanding cross-border talent dynamics. This comprehensive use of AI facilitates a more strategic and informed decision-making process, ensuring that sourcing practices are not only efficient but also globally attuned and sustainable. The employment of Automation and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) further streamlines repetitive tasks, allowing MBA to focus on the more complex aspects of global talent strategy. Additionally,MBA’s strategic leveraging of social media and professional networking platforms through AI-enhanced tools underscores a commitment to innovative, AI-infused global talent sourcing, positioning MBA as a leader in this technologically advanced and rapidly evolving field.

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