Tim de Ridder

Head of Social and Environmental Sustainability


Tim de Ridder is Comsol’s Head of Social and Environmental Sustainability, he is a sustainability specialist adept in the intricacies of circular economy principles, zero-waste methodologies, sustainable development goals, carbon markets, community advancement and social transformation. Tim has proven experience in fostering business and project expansion, including amplifying market presence, complemented by a comprehensive skill set in education, stakeholder engagement, and dynamic marketing strategies. His skills have been cultivated through hands-on experiences spanning diverse locations, encompassing Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia and India. Tim is also the co-author of India’s first zero-waste book, Bare Necessities: How to Live a Zero-Waste Life, creator of a UNESCO Green Citizen recognised online education content,Zero Waste Living 101, and has developed and run dozens of workshops and talks on sustainability and circular economy topics.

At Comsol, he has driven the business toward sustainable packaging alternatives, winning the Industry SME Electronics award from the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, and led the implementation of a portfolio of cables using recycled plastic, Comsol’s Sustainably Connected range, reducing the need for virgin materials. Additionally, Tim led the creation of Closing The E-Loop, an open-source education resource addressing the electronic waste crisis. In collaboration with online ed tech partner Cool.Org, 10 teacher lesson unit plans were developed as part of the project, in line with the Australian curriculum. The project also features the Sustainable Electronics Solutions video showcase, a collaboration of 38 industry experts from across the supply chain in the production of 36 engaging and informative interviews, relevant to high schoolers, university students and adults alike. Empowering change at work, home and school. Closing The E-Loop has been recognised at the World Business Forum WOBI conference, gaining the inaugural Green Impact Award.

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