Yas Grigaliunas

Founder & Chief Evangelist


Yas is the dynamic Founder and Chief Evangelist of Circonomy, distinguished as a TEDx Speaker andhonoured among the Global 100 Inspirational Leaders for 2022. Currently serving as the President ofthe Queensland Social Enterprise Council, Yas has alsotaken up the role of the inaugural ChiefCircular Entrepreneur at Circular Australia. From her early days sitting at the front of the classroomto leading multimillion-dollar projects in the ICT sector in her early 20s, Yas has always been anenergetic firstborn with a passion for making a difference and creating meaningful daily impact.With a career spanning various roles and industries, Yas is an entrepreneur dedicated to impactfulsolutions for the circular economy. She played a pivotal role in propelling Circonomy to a scalablestage after a successful capital raise, including a significant Seed round led by Officeworks, aWesfarmers company. Yas prioritises Team, Tools, and Tech in leading Circonomy, attractingpartnerships with major corporations seeking circular products and services.Driven by positivity and an innate desire to help others, Yas thrives on engaging with people. Shefirmly believes in the power of Authentic Leadership and is unafraid to share her genuineexperiences and insights, delving into the real aspects of leadership, business, life, and love. Yas'compelling journey and dedication to authentic leadership make her a beacon of inspiration foraspiring leaders and changemakers alike.

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