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Sponsorship Opportunities

Being part of the solution takes more than organisations just doing their bit, it takes the movers, shakers, and disrupters to lead and to forge pathways for others to follow.

We are seeking 27 organisations who are forging pathways, to take leading sponsorship positions with SIM-PAC.

We will work closely with each sponsor to ensure they can achieve their sponsorship objectives and are each given clear brand-space for their key messaging. We are open to creative ideas from sponsors which are outside of the ‘boxes’ we have built below.

“We believe a successful SIM-PAC will help speed up the transition to sustainable industrial manufacturing, by connecting the people ready to do something, with the something,” - Geoff Matthews.

Full range of unique opportunities available

We have set out a range of unique sponsorship opportunities, building in value from entry level to our Key Industry Partners. Click below to open and download our Sponsorship Brochure.


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