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Equip yourself with the knowledge and contacts to make sustainable industrial manufacturing possible.

Early bird tickets available until the 30th September 2023.

The sheer quantum of change occurring as we race towards a sustainable future can be overwhelming, even for those who live and breathe it every day.

The pace of investment, the number of trials being undertaken, the amount of research being conducted, and the rollout of new technology, are all unprecedented.

For 3-days each year, SIM-PAC offers delegates a full immersion deep-dive course in the latest solutions for sustainable industrial manufacturing, and the future direction of our industrial processes. Solutions not only include the latest breakthrough technology and thinking, but also the utlilisation of existing technology and equipment to lower emissions and underpin the developing circular economies.

Return to your organisation with a deeper knowledge and understanding to aid development and implementation of sustainable strategies.



With indoor and outdoor exhibits, meet 300 companies showcasing technology ready to be deployed today.

Knowledge hub

At the centre of the show, this open cafe-style space will host content and networking events.

Solutions theatre

A continuous stream of presentations from companies sharing their sustainability story.

SIM-PAC conference

A deep-dive into sustainable solutions and the future direction of industrial processes.

Social diary

Espresso Meets, Happy Hours, Welcome Drinks, Best in Show Awards...the list goes on.

Who attends SIM-PAC?

Business leaders and department heads working to implement sustainable manufacturing practices. You'll be in good company:

Plant and Factory Managers
Heads of Sustainability, Energy, Innovation, Environment and Waste
Sustainability Advisors and Consultants
Venture Capitalists and Investors
Supply Chain Managers
Project Managers
Purchasing Directors
Academia and Research Scientists
Policy Makers and Specialists

Manufacturing sectors covered:

Food retail | Glass | Food production | Aluminium | Steel | Technology | Heavy Transport | Cement | Chemicals | Fashion

SIMPAC - Early bird tickets available soon

Early bird tickets available until the 30th September 2023

No other conference, expo or online course can offer delegates what SIM-PAC can condense into three days.


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